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MPOWR Recording Studios

MPOWR Recording Studios offers 2 Studios at top-quality studio rooms with state-of-the-art technology for music professionals. Our team of experts provides support to help you create your best work. Let us help make your mark on the music industry.

MPOWR Records

Breakdown the basics of how the Music Business really works and how you can maximize as an Artist in 2023

MPOWR Capital

MPOWR Capital provides financial aid to entrepreneurs and artists invested in their business growth, overcoming challenges, and maximizing their opportunities. With tailored financial solutions and professional guidance, MPOWER Capital helps nurture creativity and entrepreneurial development.


Invest in our recording studio membership for access to cutting-edge technology, skilled professionals, and industry-standard equipment. Hone your music production skills and take your artistry to the next level. Don’t miss the chance to maximize your potential and bring your musical dreams to life. Join us today and embark on a journey of musical excellence!

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Join our platform to monetize your love for music. We provide multiple ways to generate income while you create and share your favorite tunes. Our team supports your success in the music industry, offering tools to achieve your goals.